Ordering Options    

GRS provides you with four different methods for ordering our services and receiving delivery of your research results.

On-Line Ordering at this Web Site
Remote Software that you Run in Your Office

On-Line Ordering

After signing up for our services, you will be provided with a User ID and Password to log in to our full-featured web application here at this site. This will allow you to enter your research requests using our user-friendly "Request-Wizard". Also, at any time you can search, view and print the results of all of the research that we have conducted for you. There is also an hourly-updated Daily Status report which can be viewed at any time to track the status of all submitted orders. This is all available over the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please contact us to see a demonstration of this powerful tool here at our site.

Remote Software - Software That Keeps You In Control

GRS' proprietary Flexible Research System (FRS) software gives you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access to the resources of GRS:

  • Send us requests or retrieve responses from the system anytime you want, day or night.
  • Software is free - We don't charge you for giving us your business.

  • Using an automated geographic relational response vehicle, your on-line search requests are instantly routed to the appropriate researcher who is immediately on the job, saving you precious time and money.

  • You stay in control of your searches, your time and your schedule.

  • The FRS system is networkable throughout your system at no additional cost: any employee in any location can enjoy the same quick response time.
  • FRS's advanced password protected security features allow you to designate which employees you wish to have access to the system and the data, keeping your information secure.

  • FRS is user-friendly, easy-to-learn and you will be operational in just minutes.

  • Email
    You can email your research requests to us and we will key them in for you. We can also email your results to you securely in compressed, password-protected attachments. Your results can be returned to you in either Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, or text formats.

    You can also fax your requests to us and we will key them in for you. Your results will automatically be delivered to you through our automated fax server as soon as the results are completed, and will arrive on your fax machine five to ten minutes later.