We have a solid industry reputation for providing in-depth and accurate background information. All results are always complete and double-checked by a highly trained background screening professional. We deliver reliable research results in 24-72 hours for nationwide searches.



GRS provides a wide range of in-depth background screening services that can be customized to fit the needs of your company. We provide our clients access to one of the most powerful data and applicate tracking systems in our industry. You will be able to access our user-friendly background screening portal from any of your mobile devices 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our goal is to help you stay in control of your background checks, and minimize your workload.



GRS believes in providing the personal touch when it comes to our customers. You will always speak with a live person, never an automated attendant whenever you call our office during normal business hours. We provide extremely competitive pricing, fast turnarounds and as one of our customers you will be able to enjoy our fast and easy background screening portal.


Background screening is quickly becoming standard practice in all workplaces and businesses across the world. Organizations are on the lookout for new ways to mitigate their risk, and conduct background checks in an effective and easy way.

Why Partner with Guaranty Research Services?

For over Twenty Four years GRS has been a trusted partner helping our clients find and hire the best candidates by providing a fully FCRA Compliant Applicant Tracking System that you can customize and access from any of your devices including all of your mobile devices. With the use or our customizable proprietary research software we help you make the best employment decisions while keeping you in full control of all your background searches and helping you reduce costs.

GRS provides Background Checks that you can Trust

  • Information sources –All information comes from State and Local Court records and Federal Court Data Systems.
  • Accuracy – GRS firmly stands by the information we release to our clients and we provide free Adverse Action support with all orders
  • Compliance – GRS’s built in compliance processes meet all FCRA, EEOC & Ban the Box requirements set forth by all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Experience – GRS has more than 24 years of providing background screening services throughout the U.S. and Canada.
  • Understanding your Industry – GRS has experience working with a variety of industries and expertise in providing our clients with the information that best suits their Background Screening needs.
  • Customizable Employment Screening Packages to Fit your Business– GRS offers Customizable Employment Screening Packages that contains all information that you need to hire the best candidates and at the same time work within your budget.

GRS Places a High Value on Our Customers

There are many background screening agencies which can perform checks. GRS goes above and beyond to distinguish ourselves in terms of our customer service. We do this through offering our customers with customizable pricing models, and our turnaround times. 

Key points that set Guaranty Research Services apart from other background screening agencies.

  • We have no Setup Fees and No Minimum Order Requirements
  • Preferred and Customizable Pricing Options
  • All of our support staff is based in the U.S., ensuring that all your data is stored within the United States
  • Our clients are under no contractual obligations to use us, so they are free to use us only as they need our services.


When a background check is returned clear on a prospective employee that is good news. But what if a check turns up negative or questionable information about a new hire? You are going to need confirmation on all  data and more complete details to help you make a judgment call.
This is why every negative response to a background check is reviewed by a trained research staff who will confirm all information and help you interpret all reported court information.

We verify all information that our state-of-the-art computer and database systems reports plus our in-court researchers also re-verifies all information located on all applicates that we preform background searches on. You can rest assure that you are getting the highest quality information to help protect your business. Plus, we also provide free Adverse Action support on all orders.